The sat down at the table to

The main character
comes back home to find his aunt and Miss Emma sitting at a table. Miss Emma
wants to talk to the narrator. His aunt convinced him and he sat down at the
table to talk to her. This is when she asks Grant to teach Jefferson how to
be a man before he walks up to the chair because of how the defense attorney
called Jefferson during the trial. He was called a hog by his own attorney. She
did not like they way he talked to her nephew. She tells him its optional if
he would like to do it. But he can see that she wants him to teach him. Grant
then states “Yes I’m the teacher, and I teach what the white folks
around here tell me to teach – reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. They never
told me how to keep a black boy out of a liquor store.” He then agrees to
help Jefferson.