Esports (the term “e-Sport” is used outside of the post-Soviet countries) is a gaming competition held using computer technologies in a simulated virtual space.

Competitions of various levels are held daily for various types of esports. For 13 years (from 2000 to 2013), there was even a kind of analogue of the Olympic Games – the international tournament World Cyber Games. Since 2014, the tournament has not been held, although there are similar international competitions.

Competitions in esports take place between several teams. The rules depend on the specific game on which bets are placed. Relative simplicity. Let’s compare, for example, with betting on football. If you are a professional sports betting player, you should constantly monitor a number of events: the health and mood of each athlete, injuries, features of a particular match, the state of the coverage on the field, weather conditions, etc.

How to bet on esports

The main rule of constant and successful bets in esports is a thorough and painstaking study of all the features of the game. Knowing all the nuances, you can easily earn real money, sports betting

The effectiveness of betting in the world of esports is influenced by two important factors:

Informative content. You should always be aware of events. It is easier to do this than in football: there are an order of magnitude less computer players of an extra class participating in international competitions than, for example, football players. However, you need to constantly monitor all changes.
Practice. Even if you are informed about everything that is happening in the world of esports, but you cannot use this knowledge, you will lose.
If you have comprehensive information about esports competitions, have a developed and proven strategy and constantly practice, you are very likely to get a big win.

Useful tips

A few tips for those who want to bet on esports constantly, and not on a one-time basis:

Collect and analyze statistical information. Thanks to the growing number of bookmakers, it is becoming more and more. At the same time, we should not forget that all the teams that you can bet on are professional, and each of them can “shoot”.
Be calm and impartial. The main problem of all betting players, regardless of the sport, is subjectivity and partiality, online sportsbook betting.

Do not buy match-fixing. They are there, but there are very few of them, and each of them is monitored by the organizers of the competition.

How to find an office bookmaker

To start playing in the esports world, you need to find a bookmaker that specializes in such bets. It should be noted that many companies work exclusively with traditional sports competitions and prefer not to deal with Internet games.

The choice of a suitable office should be approached very carefully. It is worth starting with small amounts, checking it for honesty, for the convenience of I/O and other conditions. You also need to view the reviews of real players on specialized forums.