Types of bets on CS:GO

In the lines of bookmakers, you can find several types of bets on CS GO matches and tournaments, sports betting.

P1 or P2 (bet on the outcome). The victory of one or the second team. As a rule, suggestions for the outcome can be found both in the pre-match and in the live. A draw result (X) is rare, since the competition format is most often formed in such a way as to immediately identify the winner.

Total (less or more). In CS:GO bets on total can be concluded on the number of cards or rounds. For example, if the format of the match is bo3 (a game with up to two wins), the bookmaker will offer to bet on TB 2.5 cards or TM 2.5 cards. In other words, it is proposed to bet that all three cards or only two will play in the match. There can be no other options. The same applies to the formats bo5 (a game with up to three wins, the maximum number of cards in the game is five), bo7 and so on. There is no such bet in the bo1 format, since only one card will be played in the match.

TM or TB rounds. In this case, it is suggested to bet on the number of rounds. In CS:GO to a limited number of them. A minimum of 16 rounds will be played (if one team wins with a score of 16: 0). The most profitable bet on total more is TB 29.5 rounds, that is, to win, it is necessary that the teams play all 30 rounds for two sides (without taking into account additional rounds). Many bookmakers also offer to bet on individual TB or TM rounds.

Handicap (plus or minus). It is most often considered when a favorite and an outsider meet. For example, if the match format is bo3, the bookmaker will offer to bet on the favorite with a handicap (-1.5) or on the outsider with a handicap (+1.5). In the first case, it is assumed that the favorite will win with a score of 2: 0 on the cards. In the second case, that the outsider will win at least one card. The handicap can also apply to rounds,online sports betting.

Odds bets are closely related to bets on the exact score, since the format of CS matches is:GO is always known in advance, which means that the number of cards played is very limited. For example, with the bo3 format, the following accounts are possible: 2:0, 2:1, 0:2 or 1:2.


Victory in pistol rounds. Having won the first pistol round, the team provides itself with the necessary funds, which are spent on the purchase of more powerful weapons. These rounds are very different from the others, since only in them the teams are in the same conditions. Some bookmakers also offer to bet on the second, third and fourth rounds. Basically, such bets are popular in live.

The total of rounds or cards (even or odd). In this case, everything also depends on the format of the match. For example, with the bo3 format, this rate does not differ much from TM or TB 2.5 cards.

The victory of the team in one of the sides (CT or T). The features of some cards allow one of the parties to enjoy advantages. For example, it is considered that counter-terrorists are very strong on the de_nuke map. Therefore, it makes sense to consider a CT victory if a strong team is on this side,online sportsbook betting.